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Executive Recruiters Represent Potential Employers

Students who are active in extra curricular activities, such as working for a student publication, often develop leadership skills they otherwise would not have had exposure to. And showing a well-rounded background gives potential employers another reason to hire you. If you feel like you are a candidate for a leadership position within a corporation, talk to construction headhunters, or other "recruiters" who are well connected with potential employers.

Outside of The Fed
Short Term Rentals in Washington DC

Journalists often find themselves traveling to important events in big cities. Sometimes, you might even be working in one place for an extended period of time, say covering a big debate in congress. In that case, you might be better off finding a good deal on Washington DC vacation rentals rather than a hotel or apartment.


29.5: Spectador
Posted: April 1, 2014


Board of Trustees to disband football team

Managing Editor Sabrina Singer

Red Bull Truck to headline annual Bacchanal concert

Editor in Chief Anna Quincy

St. Anthony’s Hall Society to lose Riverside Building

Head Submissions Editor Ahmed Khalifa

Blue Ivy Carter to attend Barnard Toddler Center

Publicity Chair Shaakya Vembar

Student to return to camp this summer, feigning excitement

Writer Sarah Weinstein

Columbia student still struggling with daylight savings

Writer/MVP Sarah Weinstein

Senior Scramble success story leads to happy engagement

Writer Elena Nicolaou

Varsity Show plot leaked

Layout Editor Juliet Brooks

CU EMS unveils partnership with Life Alert pendants

Layout Editor McKenzie Fritz

Barnard’s Commencement Speaker Too Divisive, Not Fun

Social Chair Brett Krasner

Childhood Anxiety: A National Security Concern

Editor in Chief Grace Rosen


Head Submissions Editor Adam Kelly-Penso

Letter from the Editors

Columbia announces new flag system for South Lawn

Graphics Editor Hailey Riechelson

If it ain’t Baroque...don’t download it

Adam Kelly-Penso

Around the Ivies

Editor in Chief Grace Rosen

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